Who We Are

For over two decades Direct Valeting have been trusted by retail motor dealerships to boost their financial performance through enhanced customer satisfaction levels. We provide a fully managed valeting solution, which allows the dealership to focus on its core activities.

Our proven approach to valeting has succeeded time and again in reducing the cost of vehicle preparation, and eliminating time wasted in dealing with annoying problems such as:

  • Coping with both the busy, and the not so busy, times of the year. Too large a valeting team means cost inefficiencies whilst too small a team cannot cope with the demands of March and September, or absences caused by holidays or sickness.
  • Backlogs caused by vehicles not being valeted on time, damaging sales volumes by stock not being on the forecourt, ready for sale.
  • The need to closely inspect the standard of preparation of each valeted vehicle. A second-rate vehicle must be revaleted or, even worse, handed over to a customer in less than prime condition.
  • Poor standards of preparation causing vehicles to be sold at a sub-optimal price.

These problems can become a major headache for line managers, severely reducing the time and energy they have for the real work; those core activities which add value such as sale and servicing of vehicles and improving customer service levels. In a nutshell, focus is diverted from the most profitable areas of their business.